Doh! Forgot to include some important stuff in the README, but didn't think it was worth a new release so it's here instead, hopefully people who get stuck will find it before flaming me even if I do deserve it. Any way the update is below and there should be a proper web page up a few days - Andy 21/5/2000

First you'll have to add you mp3s to the database, if you have all your mp3s in /mp3 you do this:
syrinx -U /mp3
This adds all files with a .mp3 extension recursively starting from /mp3. If you have more in other directories just specify the base for those when it's finished adding the first ones.
Note: this may take a while if you have a lot of mp3s or a lot of other files stored above the base directory, also only mp3s with id3 tags will be added to the database as they are needed for searching.
When you need to add more mp3s just use -U to add them, tracks which are already in the database will not be overwritten

syrinx "search string" will play songs whose title, album name, or artist match the string you entered
-t "search string" will restrict the search to title
-a to album
-p to artist, and
-g to genre (note -g uses the genre names i.e. Classical, Metal, not the number)

syrinx -f will play random songs, but will play songs you listen to all the way through more, and songs you skip less. You can also specify a search string after -f so it will only play song from a certain subset.

To skip a song press ctrl-c, to exit press ctrl-c twice in quick succesion, like the operation of mpg123 on its own.

Download Version 0.9
Download hacked version for use with untagged mp3s